Personal Injury Attorney David Wolf firmly believes in giving a voice to injury victims and their families. Over the past 30 years, David Wolf has dedicated himself to the protection and enforcement of the legal rights of accident and injury victims ranging in age from newborns to one client who was over 106 years old. Clearly, insurance companies and big business are always loaded up with attorneys. However, the individual victim does not always have quick and ongoing access to an experienced attorney. Meet Jacksonville personal injury lawyer David Wolf just once and you will seek his dedication to you and your case. With respect to personal injury cases, he had handled them throughout the State of Florida and has co-counseled with attorneys in other States on other personal injury matters. A personal injury can result from a number of accidents or incidents. It is important for the injury victim to get medical care and otherwise be beyond the realm of danger. From there, the injury victim or family member can reach out to David Wolf – days, nights, weekends, and yes, holidays. With David Wolf, you will get an attorney who is On Your Side – At Your Side. With the knowledge and experienced gained throughout his legal career, David Wolf set out to make this information both accessible and affordable to clients, potential clients, and others. As such, beginning in 2010, David Wolf authored his first book and from there authored 10 more for a total current library count of 12 books. The books focus on personal injury, insurance, laws, and safety issues that arise in just about every community on a daily basis.


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