A full-time mother trying to get back her pre-pregnancy physique. A young professional seeking to maximize appearance for a high-profile career. A woman starting her retirement and looking for a refreshed, renewed appearance while maintaining an active lifestyle. Each situation is unique. You are unique!

Specializing in surgical and nonsurgical methods, Tannan Plastic Surgery can guide you to a solution to fulfill your needs and expectations. Dr. Shruti Tannan is a board certified plastic surgeon at Tannan Plastic Surgery. We offer the full scope of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the breast, body, face and hand. We have an all-female team and an on-site certified operating room. At Tannan Plastic Surgery, our mission is to restore you to your most confident, positive self, while staying true to who you are. For some people, this includes regular Botox to keep your look young and fresh, along with good Skin Care to maintain your youthful glow. For others, this means treating that shelf of tissue, or belly pooch, with a Tummy Tuck. A little Liposuction can go a long way in critical areas to help your dresses drape over your silhouette as they did in the past, or sharpen and refine that jawline and remove the double chin.


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