At Cobra Concrete, we want to help you get the job done right. To help with your company’s breaking and removal needs, we offer robotic demolition in Chicago IL, skid steer services, and indoor electrical excavation (fume-free). After the excavation is finished, we also provide concrete patching. Our demolition robots provide superior solutions to conventional equipment, allowing you to perform your demolition work more quickly and profitably. The demolition robot is equipped with a concrete crusher, a breaker with multiple chisels, and an excavation bucket. The robot can penetrate limited locations where it would be risky for specialists to operate machines because of its portable design and adaptability. Our skilled professionals can finish the demolition process with safety as their top priority because they are well-trained and experienced. Our services, which are always cutting-edge, make it simple for our customers to come to one location for all of their project needs.



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