In the heart of New York City, The Law Office of Martha M. Dwyer exemplifies legal excellence, offering over 30 years of unparalleled expertise in business and corporate law. As a renowned corporate lawyer in NYC, Martha M. Dwyer provides corporate and business law services for small to medium-sized privately held businesses. Her reputation as a knowledgeable M&A lawyer in New York precedes her, specializing in facilitating successful mergers and acquisitions with a focus on Corporate M&A law, private equity (PE), limiting liability, tax structuring, regulatory compliance, corporate ownership structure, and more.


Martha’s approach to business exit planning in New York is comprehensive, considering each client’s unique exit strategies. She is the advocate you need when buying or selling a business, renowned as the go-to business purchase lawyer in New York and a trusted advisor for entrepreneurs seeking a lawyer for buying or selling a business in NYC.


Her expertise as a business sale attorney in New York is complemented by her meticulous attention to detail in drafting and reviewing contracts as a business contract lawyer. Martha’s skill in business formation positions her as a preeminent business formation attorney in New York, ensuring the solid establishment of enterprises.


Martha M. Dwyer is not just a corporate lawyer; she is a dedicated business professional, committed to providing personalized legal service in the complexities of business and corporate law. Choose The Law Office of Martha M. Dwyer for a legal experience that is as dynamic and distinguished as New York itself.



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