If you’re suffering from joint pain and want to avoid the stresses of surgical procedures, call QC Kinetix (Aurora IL). Our non-surgical regenerative medicine treatments are a perfect alternative to surgical procedures. QC Kinetix offers a full range of advanced biologics to treat arthritis pain conditions, knee replacements alternative, hips, shoulders, and elbows. We work with medical providers at Aurora area hospitals to give our patients peace of mind while allowing them to focus on their recovery. Our non-surgical treatments can help relieve chronic pain in just one treatment session. When compared to other treatment options such as opioids and corticosteroids, regenerative medicine is considered a more natural approach that doesn’t require any downtime or long-term side effects. Our Aurora regenerative medicine treatments are based on our understanding that the body is capable of restoring itself. We focus on restoring your body’s natural ability to restore itself by stimulating the body’s restoration processes with therapies that promote tissue relief and regeneration.


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