Jrk! was born the Jamaican way… out of passion. A Jamaican and Miami native bonded over an affinity for culinary flare and inability to find fast, healthy, and authentic Jamaican food. So, we took matters into our own hands. We launched Jrk! with the intent of building upon the techniques, flavors, and influences that defined our childhoods in an honest, health-conscious, and sustainable (not to mention delicious) fashion. With an eagerness to bring Caribbean customs to the world, Jrk! exploded onto the scene in true island style (with open arms and broad smiles). Packed with authenticity, seasoned with family tradition, and made fresh with local ingredients, our menu honors classic Caribbean tastes with healthy Jamaican staples. Grounded in community, each dish we serve is made with love, soul, and a pinch of nostalgia. With an adventurous spirit, we stay true to our roots by never compromising on quality. And we always have room for one more at our table.


95 NW 1st St, Miami, Florida 33128