“Founding attorney Hannah Hembree Bell focuses the practice on family law, divorce, and estate planning. The entire practice is dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate the tumultuous journey of divorce and family disputes.


Hannah is personally aware of the difficulties people go through in divorce since she herself has been through the stigma. Through her experience, she provides her clients the degree of representation that she wishes she had during her own divorce. The team at Hembree Bell Law is passionate in providing care that is compassionate, practical, and legally sound.


The firm’s services in divorce, family law, and custody cases are available in the Austin and San Antonio areas and surrounding counties. Their estate planning and divorce coaching services are offered in the entire state of California.


• Divorce

• Child Custody

• Child Support

• Mediation

• Paternity

• Temporary Restraining Orders

• Temporary Orders

• Modifications

• Wills & Trusts

• Power Of Attorney

• Probate


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4413 Spicewood Springs Rd, #121 Austin, TX 78759