To be the leading global retreat facility by providing the essential services required for individuals or groups to undertake retreats for spiritual or personal development through our dedicated retreat housing, dedicated hospitality services, large group event facilities, and our extensive property holdings.

We strive to sustain a unique environment that is conducive to tranquility and wisdom which enhances well being through individual or group interfaith events that develop spirituality, creativity, and compassion. 

Looking for a serene and rejuvenating retreat center in Arizona? Look no further than Diamond Mountain, as we are a Tibetan Buddhist seminary and retreat center located south of Bowie, Arizona in the Chihuahuan Desert. We offer group and individual retreat rentals amidst our 27 cottages, multiple temples and commercial kitchen/dining-hall on over 1000 acres. We cater to meditators, yogis, artists, writers, hikers and anyone else who would love to immerse themselves in simple, natural living. We have an experienced team of practitioners who can support to help you achieve your wellness goals. We are here to support you in your journey of self-expression and discovery. Visit our website for more information and retreat booking.


3209 S Old Fort Bowie Rd,Bowie,Arizona,85605