Verland is an exceptional provider of physical therapy in Pittsburgh for individuals with severe and profound intellectual and physical disabilities. Our experienced therapists are committed to providing the highest quality individualized care to make sure each person has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and lead a healthy, meaningful life. We are dedicated to creating personalized treatments that help our clients regain control of their lives and experience every day to its fullest. Let our decades of experience and dedication to excellence offer you the chance to reach new heights and live with joy and vitality. We prioritize an individualized approach tailored to each person’s unique abilities, comfort levels, and goals, backed by a team of dedicated therapists passionate about providing exceptional quality care. With a compassionate staff and a commitment to holistic, client-centered care, Verland is proud to be the provider of choice for physical therapist services in Pittsburgh. That’s why we strive daily to provide exceptional physical, intellectual, and social development therapy for our clients in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Our Services:

  • Polk
  • Adult Training Services
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Health Services
  • Respite Care
  • Palliative Care

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212 Iris Rd, Sewickley, Pennsylvania, 15143