Often times, individuals who work in the maritime, offshore and building industries have been put in harm’s way and cannot afford the needed or necessary medical treatment.  An injury or illness caused by your job can result in grievous financial harm and heartbreak to you and the family members who rely on you. These injuries and illnesses can leave workers and their families destitute while the companies that caused their injuries and illnesses continue to profit. Workers and families are essentially robbed of their savings, quality time together as a family, and the ability to work and earn a living. The scales have been tipped on the side of corporate greed for far too long.

The Ferrell Maritime and Mesothelioma Law Group strives to obtain the most compensation available for you and your family. By fighting the corporate greed we demand that our clients who innocently worked in unsafe or hazardous conditions, generated by a company who puts profits ahead of safety, are not forgotten and are fully compensated. We make sure those who caused the injury or illness are held accountable.


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