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Spokane General Contractor

Spokane General Contractor

Spokane General Contractor

If you asked the mother of every contractor in Spokane, you’d get a different answer each time. However, if you asked our customers, they’ll all answer the same. Us! So, what else is there to know is there to know about us? Well, we’ve already established that we wear deodorant. That’s a big one there–not a lot of our competitors can make that claim.

All kidding aside, we like to think our work is like a trip in a time machine. How else do you explain the Old-World quality and attention to details? We’ve got those old-fashioned values like honesty, determination, hard work, and take pride in our construction skills–not because we’re from another time or place, but simply because everything we’ve learned has been handed down to us with hands-on training from previous generations and they learned it from theirs.



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