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Quinonez Law Firm PLLC

Quinonez Law Firm PLLC

Quinonez Law Firm PLLC

Carlos Quiñonez has been practicing law with a focus on family and personal injury cases since 2006. He established the Quiñonez Law Firm upon a foundation of caring, resilient legal services. Mr. Quiñonez focuses on providing strong, earnest representation to clients with a wide range of needs. He has provided service to over 300 clients all throughout Texas and New Mexico. As a bilingual El Paso native, Mr. Quiñonez is able to understand his clients on a deep, personal level.

Whether you’re facing straightforward legal issues or your case is complex and difficult to understand, Mr. Quiñonez will provide high-grade, top class legal assistance regardless. He believes every individual deserves the best legal aid possible. Don’t wait; contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Mr. Quiñonez.



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