Nonprofit Home Inspections is unique in the home inspection industry in that we’ve got a charitable purpose and are registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In addition to providing outstanding inspections for the general public, Nonprofit Home Inspections offers our services free of charge to other nonprofit organizations that serve low-income populations. In addition, all of our home inspection services are offered on a sliding scale so that everyone can afford to have their own healthy homes regardless of income.

Nonprofit Home Inspections is also unique in that we are also licensed general contractors. We believe that in order to best understand your home as a complete system, an inspector must have experience actually building and remodeling homes. From pouring concrete foundations to installing wind turbines, our inspectors have real world experience in construction that we put to work for you.


8885 SW Canyon Rd Ste 210, Portland, OR 97225