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Kales & Kales, PLC

Kales & Kales, PLC

Kales & Kales, PLC

The decision to divorce is rarely easy. Divorce is, by its very nature, stressful and difficult. Jonathan and Amy Kales, however, are experienced Fairfax divorce mediators and lawyers, who have spent years working to make this difficult process as simple, affordable, and efficient as possible. At Kales & Kales, PLC, our goal is to help clients reach the best resolutions for themselves and their families, compassionately, individually, and with integrity. Taking this approach, Kales & Kales, PLC has received numerous honors from their peers and the praise of their clients.

We pride ourselves in being a law firm that sees each case and each individual as unique and worthy of our highest level of care and attention. Whether the facts of your case are complex or simple, we can help you choose the best path for your divorce.



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