As a skilled Dallas Family Law Attorney Jacob Ginsberg of Ginsberg & Associates, he serves a diverse array of clients who depend on our experience, reputation and steady hand to protect his rights and guide them though complex and often emotional legal issues of divorce and other family law matters. He represent fathers, mothers, grandparents and homeowners in the following practice areas: ‘Divorces with Kids and Without’ Property and Debt Division ‘Grandparent Access’ Child Custody ‘Child Support ‘Terminations ‘Out-of-State Divorce’ Spousal Support (Alimony) ‘Adoption ‘A divorce, child custody case or other family law case does not always have to be a combative and stressful experience. Even when the issues are complex, your future is at stake and emotions are running high, we will protect your legal rights while avoiding unnecessary conflict and heartache. As experienced Dallas Family Law Attorneys, we will guide you each step of the way.


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