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For more than 30 years, the experienced Athens attorneys at Blasingame, Burch, Garrard & Ashley, P.C. have helped clients navigate the legal system. No matter the situation you are facing—a devastating injury, medical malpractice, a contract dispute, or an audit—our skilled team of award-winning lawyers is prepared to help. We have successfully helped numerous clients obtain a favorable outcome for their unique circumstances. We strive to provide compassionate guidance, sound legal counsel, and aggressive advocacy on your behalf. Our attorneys rely on an in-depth knowledge of complex areas of law, gained over the course of decades of practice, to better assist you with your legal matter. We approach every case as a united team, working together to find the best possible solution for your unique situation.

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Each of our attorneys is committed to helping you pursue the best possible outcome for your legal matter. From personal injury claims and plaintiff’s litigation to business litigation and bank representation to tax and estate planning and more, our team is prepared to help you understand your legal options and work towards an ideal outcome.


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