Active Adults

who push themselves hard in the gym or in their training and want to maintain their health and activity level for a long time to come. We help them heal from new or chronic injuries and pain.

Teen Athletes

who can’t afford to be sidelined due to injury and need to get back in the game with full strength as soon as possible.

Competitive Adults

Who are actively training for a race or competition and need to take care of a nagging injury before it gets worse and interferes with their performance.

Busy Parents

whose lives don’t slow down even when they’re injured or in pain. We take care of them so they can take care of their families.

Long-Suffering Adults

who have exhausted their options with physicians, medications, and therapies and are facing a surgery recommendation. They’re not ready for the risks and long-lasting effects of surgery and want to try a non-invasive option. We help people who have suffered for years with chronic pain experience relief and enjoy their lives.

Health Conscious Adults

who want to be proactive in maintaining their health and mobility in the long-term. We help them prevent injury and disability and maintain strength and mobility as they age.


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